ACE Nutrition
Society Program

About the ACE Nutrition Society Program

The ACE Nutrition Society program is the first of its kind to offer guidance in customizing your meals to suit your goals and preferences!  With this enrollment, you get support from Nutrition Coach, Kellie Largay, plus the following:


Weekly LIVE Q&A’s


Weekly flexible meal plans and grocery lists that are customized to you

(powered by EatLove)


Access to 5000+ recipes

Customized nutrition prescription

Access to the ACE Nutrition private FB group

Access to new content/education

Support from Nutrition coach, Kellie Largay

Society Program Options

Members will have access to the private FB group, as well as EatLove for meal planning and recipes.

*This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel.

6 Month Enrollment*

$485 /6 mo.

Members will have access to the private FB group, as well as EatLove for meal planning and recipes.

*This is a subscription product billed on a semi-annual basis until you cancel.

12 Month Enrollment*

$970 / 12 mo.

Members will have access to the private FB group, as well as EatLove for meal planning and recipes.

*This is a subscription product billed on an annual basis until you cancel.


How do I know if this enrollment would be good for me?

This Society is a great option for you if you are someone looking to achieve general weight loss, utilize food to help prevent disease, improve your overall health, improve performance in the gym, or just looking for an easier solution for meal prep and nutrition prescription!

The Society offers new content, support, nutrition education, and monthly flexible meal plans that are personalized to your needs and health goals.

Who is this program not for?

This program is not for someone who is looking for 1:1 nutrition coaching. While everything within the Society and coaching app is tailored to you and your goals, this is not 1:1 coaching via weekly check-ins.

All communication will take place via the FB group and weekly Q&A’s.

*Please reach out to Kellie directly if you are looking for 1:1 coaching, as these clients are onboarded on a case by case basis

I have food intolerances/allergies, would the Society be a good option for me?

Yes! We can program your specific needs and then you will have the ability to find recipes and meals that will fit your preferences. 

Can I customize meal preferences to the preferences of my family as well?

Yes! If you are cooking for a family, your plan can be completely customized to meet your family’s preferences. 

Do you provide refunds?

At this time, we do not provide refunds. If you have any hesitations on getting started with improving your health, we suggest starting with the 3 month plan.

What is your cancellation policy?

If desired, you may cancel your enrollment at the conclusion of the cycle you have selected.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged monthly on a recurring basis for the 3-month enrollment, every 6 months on a recurring basis for the 6-month enrollment, and every 12 months on a recurring basis for the 12-month enrollment.

A credit card is required to keep on file upon signing up. All information is kept private.

Is there an app to use for this?

Yes! You are able to store your meals, favorite recipes, and even your grocery list in an online app. It’ll even give you meal prep reminders 😉

What others are saying:

I love the guidance this provides! I went through yesterday and planned out my meals for the entire weekend and into Monday. I had to go grocery shopping anyway so added what I needed to my grocery list in the app and was able to get everything. I love that! Plus I love that it gives so many different meal options and even leftovers! Plus I can account for my kids and husband too in the meals. It’s so awesome!!”

— Kelly

It’s easy to switch out the suggested meals and there are a TON of options. I did a search for recipes with ingredients I already had on hand and am trying some new ones!”

— Sam

“I love that you can utilize this to customize meals to your entire family. I’ve cooked 2 dinners this week that everyone in my family loved. That NEVER happens.”

— Julie

“This is just the accountability I needed to help me navigate the weekends in a healthy way. No more lack of planning heading into the weekend. I feel like the accountability and plan I need is right in my pocket (via my phone) at all times. 🙂 “

— Kate