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Kellie Largay Nutrition Coach

 Nutrition Coaching

Kellie is a Precision Nutrition L1 & L2 certified Nutrition Coach, as well as an NCI Certified Hormone and Mindset Specialist. Her specialty is in weight loss, body recomposition, and sports performance. She has worked with many athletes in their quest for fat loss, strength gains, and over-all general health.

No matter what your current goals are; weight loss, strength gains, aesthetics, general health or longevity of life, as long as you are fully committed to your nutrition plan, we will work together to get you the results you’re looking for.

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Ace Nutrition Transformations

I began working with Kellie just over three months ago. I reached out to her because I needed help getting on track. I was finding that, as I got older, I was having a difficult time maintaining my weight, and I wasn’t happy with the direction I was headed.

With guidance from Kellie, I’ve learned how to make food choices that better support my fitness goals, recognizing that those goals will change with time. My relationship with food has never been bad. Thanks to Kellie, though, I have a much greater understanding of the connection between eating well, feeling well, and making physical gains, at any age.

I have learned so much from Kellie in our short time together. I look forward to connecting with her each week to strategize and determine my focus. I appreciate that she pushes me, while offering support each step of the way. I feel as though I found Kellie at the perfect time, and I’m excited about what I’ll be able to accomplish with her support and guidance.”

Wendy Olcott

I started working with Kellie when I thought that I wasn’t strong enough to compete as a heavyweight strongwoman athlete. I had witnessed via live feed my trainer & training partners completely dominate at the Nationals competition and I made it my goal to be with them the next year. I knew that Kellie had the tools to get me where I wanted to be. We started the process of reverse dieting so we could kick my metabolism into gear. A few months into it, we learned that my body didn’t want to be a middleweight, it was happy in the 200-pound realm. This was a hard thing for me to accept but with Kellie by my side, she helped me fuel my body to become the strongest that I have ever been. I met my goal – I competed with my team at Nationals and took 3rd place in the HW division.

Kellie is extremely knowledgeable and will push you to your limits to meet/exceed your goals – you may not like her at times during the process but she’s got your back! Kellie will be your biggest cheerleader during the transition from bad/fad diets to an actual lifestyle change. I now appreciate life without the fear of having someone scold me for enjoying a piece of pizza, some ice cream, or a cocktail (or sometimes 3) because that is what she wants her clients to do…LIVE!

Jocelyn Delworth

What Do We do at ACE Nutrition?

  • Clear up the confusion of the dieting world
  • Teach you how to use food to reach your health/fitness goals
  • Educate you on how to fuel your body for performance & everyday life
  • Help you lose body fat and keep it off
  • Provide support & motivation
  • Help you to create consistent healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits
ACE Nutrition