I (Ryan) have been involved with strength training for more than half of my life.  I have trained at hundreds of fitness facilities from the big-name commercial gyms to house-hold basements.  They all have one thing in common:  the members that are slamming down big heavy weights may be the people you you can learn the most from.
    As a newbie to a fitness facility, you may look down upon or be intimidated by the strong men and woman there.  I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be intimidated, you should actually be inspired.  Being in strength athletics for as long as I have been, I can honestly tell you that 95% of these people are the nicest people you will ever meet.

    Do you think these men and women were born strong? No, they worked for it, and they worked (and continue to work) HARD for it!  You will be surprised to know how many of these people have a very similar story to yours.  These strong men and women don’t care if you are squatting 100lbs or 500lbs, they mainly care about personality and determination.  They will judge you by your work ethic & attitude, not the weight on the bar. 

       So next time you come across one of these people don’t be afraid to talk to them. Ask them about their story, ask them for help, ask them if you could train with them.  You may be surprised at the outcome.  (Just don’t ask them right before a heavy deadlift set). But remember that you have to bring something to the training session as well and negativity & laziness is not something you want to bring. A good attitude and work ethic are imperative.  The people you maybe once saw as strong and intimidating could be the motivation you need to reach the next level in your training.