You do not have to be a strongman competitor to see the benefits of training some strongman events.  Strongman training can be tailored to most fitness levels from beginners to the highly trained athlete. You can relate a lot of strongman training to things you may do every day.  A classic example is when you are carrying bags of groceries into the house…….BOOM, farmers walks.

          Strongman training is usually a full body exercise that can make you stronger and increase endurance.  It’s also great for abdominal strength and stability. Some simple strongman exercises include dumbbell clean and press, front carry’s, farmers walks, sled drags, prowler pushes, arm over arm drags and many more. 

          There are endless applications as well. You can do a light farmers walk for max distance or you can go heavier and only go 50 feet.  You can put a few of the events together to make a medley such as farmers walk for 50ft, med ball front carry for 50 ft, then a sled drag for 50ft. 

          It’s okay to think outside the box and be creative.  And remember to have some fun with it!


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